Glupteba — the malware inside the Bitcoin blockchain

What is this exactly and what can it do?

  • rootkit — Glupteba includes a variety of Windows kernel drivers that can hide the existence of specific files and processes. If loaded successfully, rootkits can help cybersecurity threats lie low by stopping them from showing up in security logs.
  • virus — lupteba uses two different variants of the ETERNALBLUE exploit to distribute itself automatically across your own network, and anyone else’s it can find by reaching out from your computer.
  • router attack tool and browser data thief- using your computer as a jumping off point to attack other people by opening up unpatched routers to act as network proxies. Additionally, it goes after local data files from four different browsers and uploads them to the perpetrators’ site. These data often contain sensitive information such as URL history, authentication cookies, login details and even passwords that can’t be accessed by code such as JavaScript running inside the browser.
  • cryptojacker — Glupteba can act as a secretive management tool for two different crypto mining tools. Basically, the perps can get you to pay their power bills and take the cryptocoins for themselves.

But wait, there’s more!

How bad is it and what can you do about it?

  • patch early, patch often — this goes for your operating system, your programs and apps and devices on your network
  • avoid shady software — if there is a “keygen” or a “crack” included in the install folder, you should consider the above




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Cryptocurrency market data overview and research platform.

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